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Read TAOFEWA - Born of fire online!

Born of fire is the first comic book in the TAOFEWA storyline, and it is now available online. The TAOFEWA Born of Fire manga can be read via the Tapastic website or App - or directly from the TAOFEWA.com website via your browser.
TAOFEWA - Born of Fire is the story about the student "Kenneth", that have far greater powers than he dared to dream about - He just doesn't know it! Kenneth venture into an ancient shrine of power with his class teacher where he discover amazing fire element powers and fight to prevent a female thief froms tealing mysterious artifacts.
New TAOFEWA poster prints

Some of the amazing illustrations that make up the TAOFEWA manga comic chapters, have been made available as customizeable posters at the TAOFEWA store at Zazzle. Zalle is a an only shop where users can customize printed goods - posters, cloth, bags and what not. Zazzle websites are available most regions all over the world. Zazzle has been selected for the TAOFEWA printed mechandise because of the proven quality, return and shipping policies and production time!

So, if you love the TAOFEWA art and want to see it on a hoodie, tshirt, poster or practically anything else... Zazzle is fan-tastic to use;)

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